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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions

Where are you located?

I live in Nagoya Japan which is about the middle of the country on the main Island.

Can I test a vehicle before buying it?

Unfortunately no, all the Vehicles are in Japan and due to the fact I export to multiple countries so they need to stay in Japan until sold. Hence why they are much cheaper than the normal retail price in your country.

What Vehicles do you have in stock currently?

Any stock I currently have on hand is listed in the Cars For Sale tab on the top page. However I do not hold a lot of stock as 90% of cars I buy I already have a list of people to call who want such Vehicles which is why I suggest no matter what you are looking for make contact with me when your ready to buy so I can call you when I find something

What kinds of financing options do you offer?

Currently the only Finance Options I have is for the New Zealand market. If you are from New Zealand please click on the Finance tab for more information.

How does the payment system work?

Payment for the car cost and export fees on the Japan end are due in 7 days or less and the Ocean Freight and Customs Taxes are not due until the ship has almost arrived. For the New Zealand and UK market I offer the use of my currency account with XE who is one of the worlds largest Currency exchange companies who I have been using since 1998. So payment can be made in your own country in your own currency.  Contact me for any clarification

How can I trust you?

That choice is totally yours but I have been doing this for near on 30 years and have exported in excess of 4000 vehicles out of Japan to various parts of the world. For the New Zealand and UK market I can offer contact details of people who have purchased from me who will vouch for my honesty and quality of vehicles.

How does the system work if I want you to find something for me?

It's quite simple, basically contact me via any of my contact details and tell me what it is your looking for and when it is your ready to buy and I will add you to a list of vehicles I search for daily. Once I find something I think you might like I will send you pictures of it prior to purchase. If you would like to go ahead you simply send me either an email or a text with confirmation of the price you're willing to pay (if its at auction). I then inspect the vehicle and if it is what you expect I will try and buy it on your behalf. If the vehicle is at auction I ask you put your best foot forward as once it has sold it is too late you say you would have paid that price. I have a set fee structure I work on so offering me your maximum price does not necessarily mean you will pay that price and in some cases will come in less than that figure.

I have a price inquiry

If you are wanting to know an approximate price for a vehicle please ask this question when you are within 6 weeks of wanting to buy. The reason for this is there are many factors that determine a price such as: Exchange rates, Ocean Freight rates, Fuel increases or decreases, Local market situation, International market situations and time of year.  So if you are any more than 1 or 2 months away from wanting to buy the prices could very different from now. And that can be either way being higher in price or less.

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