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1957 Thunderbird

¥3,000,000 FOB

Ok, so there is in fact a 30 minute video for this car with its full story that I can't figure out how to upload here so if interested please contact me.  There is a story with this car that is too long for me to type here. But it is a very very original unrestored T Bird.  I would want to confirm for you but I think I saw the tire date stamp at 1970 and the speedo is currently reading 3500 miles (ish). I this car was imported to Japan in 1987 and I think it has been parked for over 20 years. All I have done is clean the dirt and slime off the car, cleaned out the fuel tank & system and it started like it was running 10 minutes ago.  It is a D Code car so factory 4 barrel Holley and is a rare color Sun Gold.

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Bentley Turbo R Sport. 1 of 8 made


One of only 20 cars made world wide and 1 of only 8 wit the carbon fibre interior.

Ok, this will be a longer post as listed here is the second rarest Bentley Turbo R they made.

For those who don't want to read I have also made a 10 minute video clip of the car with the link to that here:

I spent 1 week doing research on this car prior to buying it to make sure it is in fact what it is.

1996 Turbo R Sport (or RS). To mark the end of an era for this model Turbo R Bentley made 20 only limited edition car that were sold as 1996 and 1997 Model year cars. (thats 20 total for the 2 model years)

Of the 20 made 17 were short wheel base and 3 long

Of the 20 made only 8 had the carbon fibre interior

Of the 20 made only 3 came to Japan and were the only cars that did NOT have the new 4 inch TV screen the Europe model had.

I do not know the color numbers but of the homework I did I found most were either Black or Green. This one is Blue.

All 20 were left hand drive.

They have a different style seat and leather trim

They had a significant horsepower increase and were just under 400hp.

They had a sport mode on the transmission and sports wheels.

This car is one of the 3 cars that was sold new in Japan and was a 1 owner non smokers car and is in remarkable condition.

The speedo is in Kilometers and has traveled just under 67,000kms.

Attached below is some information on the car showing how rare it is and I also found some auction results of 2 cars not quite the same rarity but still collectable and one sold for £45,000 and the other £48,000. I found 1 of this exact model with the wood dash sold recently in France that was showing 70,000 Miles but had records to say it had 130,000 miles on it in the UK before going to France and that car sold for ¢30,000

1968 Chevy Elcamino factory 396 SS


1968 Elcamino factory 396 Big Block. Has had restoration with a few upgraded but such as seats, engine mods etc.  Starts, runs and drives perfect.  Lovely car that I currently drive often

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1997 Nissan Safari Grand Road(patrol) factory turbo diesel. 


1 owner non smokers Safari diesel done 110,000kms only. Factory Turbo 4.2 diesel auto 7 seat.   Non rusty very original clean car. In the pictures the spare wheel is missing but on that day I was swapping snow tires for summer so it is there.

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2011 Range Rover Sport

5000cc V8 done 47,000 kms

2011 Range Rover Sport 5000cc V8 done 47,000kms. Immaculate example in a great color combination. I drove this Range Rover 750kms from the auction I bought it to my city. Everything on this car is perfect.


Other countries contact me for pricing in other currencies.

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1997 Chev Suburban Starcraft 4x4 7 seat

5700cc V8 done 49,000 kms

SOLD.    1997 Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 Starcraft 7 seater done 49,000 Kilometers.

Very very tidy and even still has the manufacture floor coverings that normally are removed by the dealer.

5700cc V8 Auto

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2000 Toyota Hiace Wheel Chair Van

Factory Toyota built done 12,000kms

2000 Toyota Hiace 2400cc factory built wheel chair van done only 12,000kms.


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2006 Rangerover Vogue

4400cc V8 done 100,000kms

SOLD.  Another popular Rangerover at wholesale price. As normal a very nice car. 2 small faults I have noticed: The plastic trim on the side of the front window is a little sun faded and could do with a pain and also the cup holder on the center console will not click back in place. Both items an easy and cheap fix. 

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2007 Rangerover Supercharged

4200cc V8 done 112,000km

2007 Rangerover 4200cc Supercharged V8 done 112,000kms.  A very tidy example of a popular model Rangerover and in a very cheap price bracket for someone.

There are service records for this vehicle by a Rangerover dealer from

2020-Can't make out the writing but guess around 110km
Before 2012 it was under its new car service plan here for 5 years all covered by Rangerover.

It is also a 2 owner car.

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2011 RangeRover Sport

5000cc V8 done 90,000 kms


Popular in White and in immaculate order.

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2000 Dodge Ram Laramie Extra Cab 4x4

5900cc V8 done 51,000 miles

SOLD! 2000 Dodge Ram Laramie Extra Cab 4X4 Facelift done 51,000 miles (82,000kms). Laramie was the top spec on this model with full leather.

Twin airbags, tuff deck and hard lid.

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1996 Dodge Ram SLT Single Cab 4x4 

5900cc V8 Auto done 49,000 miles

SOLD. This is a very very nice example of a 4x4 that has never been off road as the underside is like brand new. It has been someones baby and fitted with a professional lift, over fenders, bigger wheels, light bar among other things. 

1989 Chev Blazer K5

6200cc Diesel done 90,000 miles

SOLD. Another example of how clean I find these old girls. The underside of this K5 is like brand new and has recently had a new fuel tank and exhaust fitted. The color is originally white that someone has changed to pearl white. It need very little in the way of reconditioning to make it exceptional. There are 2 areas of the pearl paint flaking exposing the white on the bonnet and 1 fender. The cargo area is missing its carpets. Very hard to find these now in any condition let alone a diesel one in this condition.

2000 Toyota Cygnus (Lexus LX470)

4700cc V8 done 59,000kms

SOLD! The Toyota Cygnus is in fact a Lexus LX470 but in 2000 Lexus was not a registered name in Japan so Toyota was not allowed to call them that. This example is immaculate and is perfect for export as it does not have the factory navigation TV screen that almost all of them have. Loaded with features and drives fantastic.  

2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

500hp 4800cc Turbo V8

SOLD. 500hp of pleasure. I drove this Porsche home from Tokyo the day I bought it and traveled 450kms and it is amazing to drive. 

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